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Cat’s Eye & Star Stones

Muti-Variety | Cat's Eyes + Stars

Cat's Eyes and Star Stones:

While the beauty of each gemstone is undeniable, a certain few have been known to display visual phenomena that creates an added layer of mystique to your gaze. Cat's-eye stones and star gems are two of the most prominent phenomenal features one might hope to capture when hunting for a uniquely alluring specimen. Requiring particular growth conditions and often fashioned into cabochons in order to exemplify their desired effects, each play with light in fantastic and awe-inspiring ways.


Cat's-eye gems, which concentrate light along a singularly narrow, visual rail that seemingly shines from beneath its surface, displays phenomena known as chatoyancy. Specified for their feline-like stares, cat's-eye gems contain a parallel arrangement of needled inclusions whose exteriors reflect the light that enters the stone. As a cat's-eye gem moves, the visual eye will seem to follow you and in some instances, even blink. Cat's-eyes have been observed in chrysoberyl, tourmaline, emerald, aquamarine, quartz, and others, providing a fanciful supply of colorful choices.


Star gems, whose visual pageant details a four, six, or twelve rayed star of billowing light to the eye, shows phenomena known as asterism. Similar to cat's-eyes, star gems gain their heavenly showing from the growth of needle-like inclusions with reflective surfaces. However, star gem's paralleled inclusions are present in multiple directions that correlate with their gem's crystal structure, interweaving among one another seamlessly. The individual slivers of reflected light created intersects with one another and to form a visual star that has been prized for centuries. Star gems have been fashioned from sapphire, garnet, spinel, diopside, quartz, and more.

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