Shot from the Lens

Rainbow Moonstones


Rainbow Moonstone Suite 7pcs 32.03cts 

New Madagascar Production of Rainbow Moonstone new in inventory is a great subject for the Shot from the Lens.    This material is very clean, and shows so many colors its incredible.  You can check these stones out at the Mayer and Watt booth at AGTA GemFair 2017 at the Tucson Convention Center Booth #706.  Stop by and see the wonderful array of color that you see here on the website.  Also don't forget... You can download the Mayer and Watt App right off the website... For iOS or Android Devices.... 

| Un-Heated Moz. Cuprian Tourmaline | 25.00cts |


Ever since the original deposit of Cuprian Tourmaline in Paraiba, Brazil, we have been admirers of the many colors that mine produced. The color that became synonymous with Paraiba, ended up being the "Windex" Blue, but that color was more often than not derived from heating the purple variety that was often a dead ringer for Tanzanite.

Mozambique Cuprian Tourmaline also came in a variety of colors and the stone pictured above is one of our favorites. This color has become almost obsolete, because, again this color heats to the lighter toned "Windex" blue associated with Mozambique material.

We love this much rarer, completely natural, unheated color best!