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Cat’s Eye Nephrite

Cat's Eye Nephrite 

  1. CE Nephrite 3.52cts 9mm Round 
  2. CE Nephrtie 5.24cts 12.5mm Round 
  3. CE Nephrite 1.46cts 10/5.5 Marq

A new stone available in the Mayer and Watt inventory is the Cat's Eye Nephrite.  When we first got a chance to get our hands on them, all of us in the office loved them but felt uneasy with the material.  We had a few pieces examined and the knowledge we received on the material was fantastic.  One lab SGL examined it and had this to say :  

"The stronger, purer green color in the one is due to chromium; iron is the usual cause of the more common green. They are the mineral actinolite, which is primarily known as a component of nephrite jade. For this reason, these are often given the misnomer “cat’s eye jade.” Gemologically there is no such thing. Nephrite is actinolite and tremolite combined in a felted, fibrous arrangement. It is the felted aspect that gives it its toughness. This material, by comparison, is not as durable because the fibers are parallel, thereby creating the cat’s eye. It also lacks tremolite." 

Come by Booth #706 at the AGTA GemFair in the Tucson Convention center to see them in person.  Or, give us a call anytime.  Enjoy!

| Rhodochrosite | 21.86cts | “Sweet Home Mine”, Alma, Colorado

  • Rhodochrosite

When Simon had the honor of chairing the Spectrum/Cutting Edge competition back in the nineties, this particular stone caused him to lose many hours of sleep. He tried to buy the stone after it had been a winner in the competition, but the owner said "Get in line!!"

A few weeks ago a collector called us and offered us this stone.....................sixteen years later it finally made it in to our hands. We do not believe that there is a better one for sale anywhere in the world today.