How To Buy From M&W

So, you have found us!  You're interested in buying from a trusted source; we get it.  We are here to make you, the jeweler or designer, money and to provide you with a great product.   Responsibly sourced with no excuses.   


Now, let's discuss how you purchase a stone from Mayer and Watt.  There are two Buyers : 

1. Retail Consumer (Means you go to a jewelry store to buy your jewelry)  

2. Resale Consumer (You manage, own, or run a jewelry store, and sell jewelry)

Since we are strictly a wholesale company, you need to be #2 and qualify with Trade references, to purchase from us on a wholesale level.  This would include a Tax ID#, a business address for receiving goods with signature required, and 2-3 references from the trade that we can call to get a credit reference and ask about your business practices.  Once all those boxes are checked, it's off to the races.....


But, have no fear, we have ways for you, #1 the Retail Consumer to enjoy and have access as well.  

If you've read this far and are interested in knowing more or getting a stone to view, please click and fill out the Contact Form below...