Mission Statement

We like to say that the Gem Trade is the second oldest profession on earth!

Why did mankind bestow such value on the colored pebbles found in the sand, or in riverbeds thousands of years ago?

Beauty, Magic, Inspiration… Our mission is to buy and sell only beautiful and unique gemstones that inspire the creation of fine jewelry, heirlooms that will last from generation to generation which is why, at Mayer & Watt....

“We deal in Inspiration… naturally”

All trade sectors dealing with “natural” materials are dealing with the issue of adulteration and the gemstone business is no different. Major amounts of material make it to market every year in the United States without proper enhancement disclosure.

You can be assured that we, at Mayer & Watt, go to extremes to ensure that we are up to date on the latest methods of enhancement and will, at all times, disclose and educate our customers.

Our goal in business is to help you, our customer, make money, grow your business and enjoy selling colored gemstones.

We might not always make a sale, but we always guarantee you a laugh in the process! 

Our ethics are grounded in creating long term relationships and sleeping well at night!

When you make a purchase from Mayer & Watt, you get more than a gemstone, because....

“We deal in inspiration… naturally”