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We deal in inspiration… naturally

Our mission is to buy and sell only beautiful and unique gemstones that turn us on” and, in turn, inspire the creation of fine jewelry, heirlooms that will last from generation to generation.

Beauty, Magic, Inspiration

We like to say that the Gem Trade is the second oldest profession on earth! Why did mankind bestow such value on the colored pebbles found in the sand, or in riverbeds thousands of years ago?

Travels to the mine are always part of the tradition at Mayer and Watt

With close connections to the mine, we get the opportunity to bring a wide collection of gemstones to our customers. 

With almost half a century in the industry, we have hand picked some our favorite stones. These are our rarest and most exciting gems selected to piqué a collector’s interest.

Our guarantees

When you deal with Mayer & Watt you get more than just beautiful gemstones. You gain a partner in education about gemstones, all supply chain issues regarding the environment, and Fair Trade and we promise that you will also laugh a lot!

What I love about Mayer & Watt stones is that your $10 stone is as beautifully cut and polished as your $100,000 stones!”

Josh Hyman
J. Hyman & Co.- Philadelphia

Mayer and Watt Team

We are a first AND second-generation family of gem junkies.

Laurie Watt


Laurie stumbled into the gem business in Los Angeles in 1978. She started off as bookkeeper, then salesperson, and then manager of Hans-Dieter Haag’s Los Angeles office. In 1981 she formed Watt Gems with her husband Simon.

Simon Watt

Under Boss

Simon was a very bad accountant in London, England when he stumbled into Laurie at a dinner party in Bel Air in 1979. To make a short story even shorter he married Laurie in April 1981, moved to Los Angeles, and opened Watt Gems with Laurie in November 1981.

Geoffrey Watt

Gemstone Advisor

Geoffrey started his journey in the industry being a road warrior for Mayer and Watt. Through his time on the road he decided the industry had more space to grow in. His relationships on the road mixed with his push to innovate has set his work apart.


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