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Peach Sapphire

Stone Description

Peach Sapphire

The gentle buzz of a late summer's day enters through an opened window, breezing the hinting smell of a sweet orchard in with it. The afternoon's syrupy air dances around you, catching the light like a peach sapphire. The keen darling of the species' variant hues, peach sapphire's juicy colors capture the assorted stages between a new blossom and its final ripened fruit. Sewn into a modern classic by the fashion elite, peach sapphire's lightly expressed tones tie the traditional bridal mood into a new generation's take on the subject.

Airy and bright, peach sapphire is a variety of the gemstone and mineral corundum. An aluminum oxide (Al2O3) with trace amounts of iron and chromium, peach sapphire's elemental balance gives it a pastel color range from orangish yellow to orangish-red/pink. Faint color centers in its crystal structure can pool peach sapphire's doses of tint together in order to create a delicate showing. Differentiating from a gemological laboratory “padparadscha” sapphire call by primarily containing a singular hue, peach sapphire's tinges warm the scene of blushy colored stones.

For years, peach sapphire was generally considered to contain more yellow than pink. Lovely examples of stones that truly displayed the fleshy color of the namesake fruit have been prized for their natural beauty. The blanket of applicable “peach” hues expanded into the reds after a notable pink diamond graced Jennifer Lopez's engagement ring in 2002, slowly surging acceptance and demand for warm pastels to be set into jewelry. Enjoying this decade's gemstone spotlight alongside morganite, peach sapphire can outshine its beryl companion in rarity and brilliance, and most importantly hardness. Sourced from around the world, peach sapphire is known to come from Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Madagascar.

With a ranking of 9.0 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness to its name, peach sapphire makes a notable choice for use in engagement rings and everyday wear ornamentation. Sapphire is the birthstone of those born in September, while it's said to bring strokes of luck to Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, and Taurus under the zodiac. The westernized vogue of peach sapphire has created a relative absence of the nectared material on the market, making room for possible heat treatment and beryllium diffusion to be applied in order to meet global demand.

  • Hardness: 9

  • RI: 1.768-1.772

  • SG: 3.95-4.03

  • Gem DNA: Alumunim Oxide

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